Who our students are is of equal importance as what they know. In order to prepare our students to leverage their unique skills and experiences to contribute to the community, we focus on character education alongside academics. Beginning in kindergarten, students participate in a leadership program to develop the skills and principles of:  

  • personal responsibility
  •  vision
  • integrity
  • teamwork
  •  collaboration
  •  renewal

Student Leadership Opportunities

Students at Kindezi Academy are afforded several opportunities to model and explore their leadership interests. Students may participate in the following opportunities:

  • Student Council
  • After school Clubs
  • School News Team
  • School Spirit Committee
  • Lunch & Learn Leaders

Family & Community Partnerships

We view families and communities as partners in our students' education and leadership development. Because of this, we regularly community progress, discuss growth strategies, and celebrate successes with Kindezi families.  Monthly community events allow families to build strong relationships with the school and each other to collectively support our children.

Community partnerships provide students access to the collective resources, knowledge, and experiences of community organizations. Mentorships, field research experiences, tutoring, and after school clubs all help to grow students' leadership capacities and community.