Kindezi Academy is driven by a mission-aligned team, committed to preparing students for graduation and life-changing leadership. At Kindezi, teachers share ownership over the school mission and vision and are given the space to lead from their strengths both in and out of the classroom. Our teachers enjoy consistent feedback and robust professional development. We consider our talent team our strongest resource in achieving our mission.

In selecting staff, we look for those who have a strong achievement orientation and demonstrated ability to improve student outcomes, value community and culture, and meet challenges with flexibility and a solutions=focused perspective. Ideal staff members view student culture, voice, and joy as essential to bringing life into our learning community.


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From Our Teachers

"Kindezi is a very special school. After almost 20 years of working with children, I find that they are the same wherever I go. What makes all the difference are the adults. From the office staff to the school leaders, I have never worked with such an amazing groups of adults. We all believe in the vision of the school and want to work together in every sense of the word to see that vision become a reality. Our administration is very special as well. It is amazing to work with school leaders that truly LEAD. We all feel supported, free to try new things (and make mistakes) and be ourselves. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this school."

— Lara Phelps, 1st Grade Teacher

"I have found a new appreciation for teaching students who eagerly need and want a dedicated and hardworking teacher. Kindezi is a great place to work because its leaders embrace you as a professional and seek to support you in making sure you become the best professional that you can be.At Kindezi, we are all leaders from administrators to teachers to students. Kindezi is great at nurturing your ambitions and will make sure that you are apart of what makes this school GREAT!"

— Keonna Allen, 6th Grade Teacher

"I love teaching at Kindezi because no day is ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations, which really helps me to grow as a teacher. I really feel appreciated, which brings out the best in me. When you thoroughly enjoy coming in every day to work and love every moment of it, says a lot about working at Kindezi. I am provided multiple learning opportunities from admin, other teachers and even the students. The culture is great and we all work together as a team to reach our common goals. The environment is incredibly empowering and the core values of leading with love trickles down from admin, to the teachers, and right down to our students."

— Nicollette Whittington, 3rd Grade Teacher